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New Smilies Added!
Poster: Josh89 Mon Dec 09, 2013 3:16 am

That's right, we have a whole batch of new Smilies available for use now.

This thread will be periodically updated as new smilies are added to the site.

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Site News
Poster: Josh89 Mon Apr 23, 2012 7:37 am

So... Yeah, this thread will be used to announce any notable changes that occur to the forum, to keep track of notable milestones passed (post, thread, and member), and anything else that happens, starting from today.

Please note that all times are, as usual, in New Zealand time.

23-04-12: Midnightwolf removed from modship of the Roleplay forum due to extreme inactivity, other... commitments... and personal request.

29-05-12: Corrupt-A-Wish (Thread I) is the third thread to be locked after reaching at least 30 pages (290 posts), and the first thread to do so while not being a Roleplay.

29-05-12: Orum, the forum owl, becomes the official site mascot.

7-06-12: Updated ranks. A summarised version of the changes follows:
1. Archivists and Affiliates ranks finally have images.
2. Archadian Empire, previously requiring 10k (yes, 10,000) posts, has been moved to between Dedicated and Divine, and now requires only 500. Divine now requires 750, Half-blood requires 1500, and Immortal requires 2500.
3. A new rank, King of Olympians, has been added to take the former place of the 'Archadian Empire' rank. It requires 10,000 posts.

22-06-12: Pikachugirl_2012 makes the 10,000th post on this forum at 12:19 am by posting in her Roleplay Profile. Post link is here

15-07-12: Post settings edited slightly.

16-07-12: Load settings edited slightly.

21-08-12: AlyssHeart becomes co-mod of the Roleplays forum.

06-11-12: Pokemon Crater forum deleted and all threads in it are moved to Pokemon Online Games subforum of General Pokemon, which serves the same purpose.

09-12-12: 500th thread created.

16-12-12: Global announcements will now be using the 'News' forum as the forum they link to at the top of the forum, rather than the Archive. This was a big problem for me, as it meant that I couldn't ask for feedback on the global announcements except from staff members. Hopefully this is fixed now, and anyone can give their feedback (except on those topics which have been locked, naturally)

05-02-13: Moderators and Global Moderators can now change their names as they please. This will probably be rolled out to other staff member groups in the near future.

21-03-13: We now have the option to use strike-through text in our posts! I managed to figure out the BBCode and HTML replacements for the correct code by looking at the Knowledge Base article for Custom BBCode, and it's added now!

26-08-13: The Fanfiction forum has been officially renamed the Stories forum, the maximum size for signatures is now 250(width) x 250(height), the maximum size for avatars is 300x300, and topic icons have been enabled in every forum.

27-01-14: I have been so freaking sloppy about updating this... We have heaps of new smileys now, and here is a link to our off-site chat for anyone interested in joining our chats there.

27-06-14: The color for the Registered Users group has been made slightly less bright, and Registered Users now have the ability to change their own names.

More as time goes by.

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