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 Post subject: Site Rules
PostPosted: Sun Nov 21, 2010 11:44 pm 
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1. No Spamming, except in the correct forum.
Spamming would be defined a two-three word response or something that has nothing to do with the original post.

2. No insulting other users. Also, don't get lured into a flame war. Just report the person trying to lure you into a flame war and move on. Debates, however, are fine as long as they're on topic.


4. Do not type posts completely in Leet/1337. It does not make you cool, it actually makes you look like an idiot who doesn't know how to spell properly.

5. ASCII Art is fine, as long as it's nothing too rude...

6. Please keep swearing to a minimum. If anyone is caught cursing over the limit (more than five rude words per post, for example), they will first be warned. If they persist, there will be greater consequences.

7. The language installed on this board is English, since that is what everyone who posts on our site happens to use. All I ask is that you respect that and do the same.

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Reason: Rule 4 looked messed up, so I replaced it with a simpler version. I also added Rule 7.

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 Post subject: Re: Site Rules
PostPosted: Thu Jan 27, 2011 9:58 am 

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To add to...

Posting - The moderators have to be able to read your post in order to moderate. This means no intentional misspelling of words or posting in languages other than English.

Password and Personal Information - Do not give your Divine Frost Lords password to anyone. Please report anyone that asks for that information. Do do not post your personal information anywhere on the forums. Report anyone that asks for your personal information to a moderator immediately.

Arguments/Fights - Don't start fights, don't get involved in fights. If a fight starts notify a moderator. We do not allow members to name other people in a negative way.

Deleted posts - If your post or thread was deleted/closed do not repost it, it was deleted for a reason. Please do not post or start a thread about a deleted post/thread. If you have a question as to why it was deleted please PM a staff member.

Report button - Every post has a report button on the upper right. Please report any post you feel is breaking a forum rule. Please do not post a reply to the person breaking the rules. We don't need back seat modding. We have a report button and moderators to handle those that are breaking the rules.

Spam - Don’t spam the forums. “Spam” means: posting things that have nothing to do with the original post, double posting (posting two+ messages in a row), and over-using the smileys. Please use common sense with bumping, pay attention to when the thread was started and the usefulness of the thread. Bumping mini games because you want to play is ok.

Spamming other members - Do not spam other members through visitor messages or private messages with advertising. This includes but is not limited to your fanfictions, chain letters and websites.

Added Rules Approved by Josh89.

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